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From beginning of the 2014/2015 season our members have been making progress in results and every week they are getting better.

Hard work at our classes and dedication of our fencers and  parents are making great results for ZFA family.

09/13/2015 Fencing Academy of Philadelphia – FAP-NORTH Y14 Foil

Congratulation to Wesley Wu on silver medal .
Keep working hard !



09/05/2015 – Durkan Labor Day Regional Youth
Congratulation Isabel Toro for 7th.place in Y12 Women’s Foil,
Keep working hard!


Premier RYC – Region 3 Aug 22, 2015 – Aug 23, 2015

We had great experience on our first Region Youth Circuit in the season ☺ .

IMG_1262 IMG_1254 IMG_1245

Y12 Men’s Epee:

3rd place Nolan Harfeld

Y12 Men’s Foil:
9th place Dusan Zeljkovic

Y14 Men’s Foil:
8th place Dusan Zeljkovic
10th place Wesley Wu



August 7, 2015.- Lima, Peru.
Congratulation Christopher Davis for bronze medal at Youth B/Y14 Pan American Fencing Championships in Peru.Great job Chris !

ZFA Chris Davis bronze from Peru Pan American Fencing 5



August 2-3 ,2015 Berlin,Germany.
We are very proud to announce that Adam Mack bring two silver medal from Maccabi Games 2015.
Adam fence foil individual and team event.Congrats!

ZFA Adam in Berlin ZFA Adam in Berlin 2

August 1- 2, 2015. – York Fairgrounds, Utz Arena: York, PA

We start new season very good and had great results at Keystone State Games 2015.

We are proud to announce that we have our first “A” rated fencer. Thanks everyone for working hard with ZFA team. Together we are making better fencers in our Academy.

ZFA Keystone games 2015 a

ZFA Keystone games 2015 b

  •    Y14 Mixed Foil: 1st place Calvin Wang Congratulation!
  • Senior Men’s Foil:1st place Noah Condiff “A-2015” Congratulation! Rating Earned
    12th Alejandro Toro,19th Kenneth Fernandez Prada,24th Myles Bear,26th Benjamin Filbert
  • Senior Women’s Foil: 3rd Skylar Harfeld
  • Junior (U20) Mixed Foil:3rd place Alejandro Toro, 3rd place Noah Condiff,9th place Skylar Harfeld,10th place Calvin Wang,17th place Myles Bear
  • Junior (U20) Mixed Epee:13th place Myles Bear,24th place Keegan Nash
  • Senior Men’s Epee: 24th place Keegan Nash
USA Fencing National Championships & July Challenge
San Jose CA 6/27/2015 – 7/6/2015
We are very happy that in our first year our ZFA fencers participated at Summer National Championship in San Jose. It was great experience for all our fencers, parents and coaches. National Championship was organized on 61 strips and it had more than 5000 participants.
We wanted to thank all our members and their parents for their support of ZFA Team.
Results from Summer National Fencing Championships 2015 San Jose:
Monday, June 29, 2015ZFA Condiff 2015
• Cadet men’s foil- 126 fencers:
47th place – Noah Condiff
100th place – Manu Balusu
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
• Junior women’s foil – 145 fencers:
73rd place – Skylar Harfeld
Wednesday, July 01, 2015
• Junior’s men’s foil
87th place – Noah Condiff
• DIV 2 Men’s Epee
150th place – Myles Bear
Thursday, July 02,       2015 ZFA Summer National 2015 Jelena
Div 3 men’s foil 164 fencers
17th place – Manu Balusu
22nd place – Benjamin Filbert110th place – Calvin Wang
153rd place – Myles Bear
• Cadet women’s foil 116 fencers
73rd place – Skylar Harfeld
– Friday, July 03, 2015
• Div.2 men’s foil -145 fencers
37th place – Manu Balusu
99th place – Benjamin Filbert
• Div III Men’s Epee – 146 fencers
109th place – Myles Bear
• Div III Women’s Foil – 142 fencers
46th place – Skylar Harfeld ZFA summer national 2015 Toro
95th place – Juliana Kho
Saturday, July 04, 2015
Y-14 Men’s Foil – 247 fencers
16th place – Noah Condiff
79th place – Manu Balusu
85th place – Alejandro Toro
115th place – Myles Bear
142nd place – Calvin Wang
152nd place – Christopher Davis
– Monday, July 06, 2015
Y-12 Men’s Foil – 172 fencers
6th place – Alejandro Toro
62nd place – Christopher Davis
June 14/2015.
  • Liberty FC Open Foil Mix at Liberty Fencing Club – New Bucks County Location: Warrington, PA
Congrats Ben Filbert on 3th place Mixed Foil Open event .
Filbert ZFA 2015
  • BCAF-W Y-10/12/14-Youth Cup Championship atBucks County Academy of Fencing – West: Hatfield, PA
Congrats to ZFA youth boys for wining very nice trophy .

Y10 Mixed Foil: 1st place Dusan Zeljkovic  and 2nd place Nelson Thayer.
Y12 Mixed Foil: 1st place Christopher Davis and  2nd place Dusan Zeljkovic
Y14 Mixed Foil:1st place Christopher Davis

ZFA at BCAF cup 2015 ZFA at BCAF cup 1 2015
ZFA at BCAF cup 3 2015
June 8, 2015.
We are absolutely happy to inform you that Calvin Wang win 1st place at Solstice Smash 2015 Arlington, VA.
Calvin work very hard last five months and he get “D” rating on 6 jun.
Congratulation to Calvin , his family,ZFA teammates and coaches!
Great job!!!ZFA Calvin D2015
June 7,2015 – We have a great ZFA Open Mix Foil “A2” rated tournament last Sunday.
We are getting great feedback from parents and fencers,tournaments was running smoothly.
Four pools with eight fencers we finish in two hours and competition was finish before 3 PM.
Thank you all fencer,parents,referee and volunteers for
helping us for last tournament in the season.
ZFA June 7 2015 Senior mix Foil
May 17,2015 Senior Mixed Foil Open at Medeo Fencing Club
Dear friends!
We are absolutely happy to inform you that Manu Balusu was 3th place at Foil Open Madeo and earned his “C” rating last Sunday !
Congratulations to Manu, his family,ZFA teammates and coaches!
Great job!
ZFA - Manu Balusu Medeo Foil Open 2015
May 10,2015    We have fun and great tournament on Mothers day .Thanks all fencer and parents.
Results –:)———-
Y10 Mixed Foil:
1st Dusan Zeljkovic Pobednik Serbia
2nd Nelson Thayer ZFA
3rd Jessica Markov ZFA
3rd Kevin Frank BCAF
5th Lucio Mazzucchi FAP
Y12 Mix Foil:
1st Christopher Davis Liberty
2nd Dusan Zeljkovic Pobednik Serbia
3rd Natalie Kim FAP
3rd Matthew Furst FAP
5th Otis Harrison FAP
6th Wilson Davis FAP
Y14 Mix Foil:
1st Christopher Davis Liberty
2nd James Armstrong ZFA
3rd Caroline Donado BCAF
ZFA may 10 2015-Youth mix foilZFA may 10 2015-Youth mix foil 1ZFA may 10 2015-Youth mix foil 2
April 26 ,20015 – It was great Div2/Div3 qualifier for ZFA members.
All our fencer qualify for Summer National.
C & Under Senior Men’s Foil:
1st place Manu Balusu earn his D15 -:)—–Congrats .
6th place Calvin Wang
7th place Myles Bear
8th place Ken Fernandez
C & Under Senior Men’s Epee:
1st place Myles Bear earn his D15 -:)—–Congrats .
C & Under Senior Women’s Foil:
5th place Juliana Kho
ZFA April Div 2:3 phil div 3 ZFA April Div 2:3 phil div 2ZFA April Div 2:3 phil div 1 ZFA April Div 2:3 phil div
April 17 to April 20, 2015
ZFA members proudly represented our club at the North American Cup in Milwaukee, WI.
We had seven fencers fencing at different events, two of them came back with 3 medals, Noah Condiff fence very sharp in Y14 , one team (Noah’s Ark) fencing at the Y14 team event and 3rd place – Alexander Xue WCHR saber.
Our coach Mickey Zeljkovic (National wheelchair coach) coaching wheelchair clinic prior to the wheelchair Championship and helping ZFA fencers at the strip and referee Jelena Zeljkovic refereeing all the way up to the finals.
It was a valuable experience to them all that will help them to prepare for the Summer Nationals in San Jose, CA (June 27th- July 6th).
8th place – Noah Condiff Y14 MF (out of 171 fencers)
3rd place – Alexander Xue WCHR saber
6th place – Alexander Xue WCHR foil
5th place – Noah’s Ark (Condiff, Dority, Toro) Y14 TM MF (out of 12 teams)
19th place – Skylar Harfeld Div2 WF (out of 98 fencers)
19th place – Dusan Zeljkovic Y10 ME (out of 44 fencers)
24th place – Alejandro Toro Y12 MF (out of 123 fencers)
44th place – Noah Condiff Div2 MF (out of 136 fencers)
60th place – Juliana Kho Div2 WF (out of 98 fencers)
67th place – Alejandro Toro Y14 MF (out of 171 fencers)
96th place – Kenneth Fernandez-Prada Div2 MF (out of 136 fencers)
100th place – Skylar Harfeld, Y14 WF (out of 143 fencers)
ZFA April NAC Milwauke 2015 BZFA April NAC Milwauke 2015ZFA April NAC Milwauke 2015 c ZFA April NAC Milwauke 2015 D ZFA April NAC Milwauke 2015 e
04/19/2015–  Congratulation for Ben Filbert for 2nd place D15 rating
–:)——— on 8th Annual Hespenheide Memorial Tournament.
ZFA Ben Filbert D15 ZFA1 Ben Filbert D15
 04/12/2015  – Zeljkovic Fencing Academy: Willow Grove, PA
It was great ZFA Open Foil tournament yesterday.
We have great fencers and great bouting.
Women’s foil results:
1. Skyler Harfeld ZFA
2. Piper Jones BCAF
3. Juliana Kho ZFA
3. Inez Jacobs-Hinton WAL-SWR P
Men’s Foil ”A1”event .
1. Harry McGuire UPenn
2. Diego Marroquin EMP UTD
3. Ian Neilson ZFA
3. Brian Lee EMP UTD
Thank you all fencers,parents and coaches to participate in our tournament we hope to see you next time.
ZFA open foil A1 event 3 ZFA open foil A1 event 4 ZFA open foil A1 event 2 ZFA open foil A1 event 1
 3/29/2015 Thrust Spring Regional Youth Circuit (Region 3)NY.
Two ZFA fencer have greate preformence in Y10 foil Dušan Zeljković 3th place-bronze medal and in Y10 épée 5th place.
In Y14 foil Calvin Wang 7th place.
Congratulations for fencers, parents and coaches.
3:29:2015 Thrust Spring Regional Youth Circuit (Region 3)NY. fencing ZFA 3:29:2015 Thrust Spring Regional Youth Circuit (Region 3)NY. fencing ZFA 2 3:29:2015 Thrust Spring Regional Youth Circuit (Region 3)NY fencing 1
03/29/2015 Uriah Jones Memorial Junior – Cadet Tournament
ZFA member Myles Bear got bronze medal in Junior (U20) Men’s Foil event.
03:29:2015 Uriah Jones Memorial Tournament ZFA member Myles Bear got bronze medal in Junior (U20) Men's Foil event
03/28- 29/2015-Cherry Blossom Open 2015 University of Maryland
Senior Mixed Foil: 72 Competitors, a A2 Event
5th place Ian Neilson
30th place Adam Mack
Senior Women’s Foil: 32 Competitors, a B2 Event
9th place Skylar Harfeld
03/20-22/2015- Daugherty Youth Cup – SYC& Cadet.
ZFA fencer Alejandro Toro have amazing performance in St.Louis .
In Y12 men’s foil on Friday he was untouchable in pools.
Alejandro have 30 touches and he didn’t receive any touches.
He was first after the pools and after he won 4 bouts(15:1,15:4,15:7,15:11)in final bout he lost 10:15.
Alejandro got silver medal in Y12 men’s foil and points for national ranking list.
In Y 14 on Sunday Alejandro have great day he fence and win all bouts in pool he was 4th seeding.
Alejandro have 4 winning bouts in direct elimination(15:13, 15:10,15:13,15:14), in final bout he lost 11:15 but he got silver medal, ”C” rating and new points for national ranking list.
Congratulations to Alejandro ,parents and ZFA coaching team.
Daugherty Youth Cup SYC -alejandro Toro - ZFASYC St.Louis -Alejandro Toro -ZFA
03/22/2015 Fencing Div III Foil – Freehold Fencing Academy
Congrats to our ZFA fencers: Benjamin Filbert on Bronze medal and Manu Balusu on 9.place
Fencing Div III Foil -Freehold NJ -ZFAFencing Div III Foil -Freehold NJ Ben -ZFA
03/22/2015 PHL Div ’14-’15 Y14 Summer Natl.Qualifiers
It was successful qualifier for ZFA fencer last week they fence very good and they qualified for summer nationals.
In foil Y14 – Silver medalist Myles Bear and Bronze medal Calvin Wang .
In épée Y14 Myles Bear win bronze medal.
Congratulation to our fencers,parents and coaches.
PHL qualifier ZFA fencer Myles epeePHL qualifier ZFA fencer Calvin and Myles
03/15/2015 -ZFA Senior Open foil
ZFA Open foil tournament was organized excellent.
In Senior Men’s Foil we had 26 Competitors and Event was ”B2”.
Adam Mack fenced sharp all day and took second place,
3.place Ian Neilson,
8.place Noah Condiff,
9.place Manu Balusu,
15.place Calvin Wang
17.place Nishant Menon,
18.place Will Givner,
20.place Benjamin Filbert,
21.place Myles Bear.
ZFA Senior Open Foil Marh 15 2015 Mens medal podiumZFA Senior Open Foil Marh 15 2015 fencing
In Women’s foil event
Skylar Harfeld won ZFA open foil event with 15:6 in final bout and got gold medal,
Kho Julian got bronze medal and Chloe Jones fifth place.

ZFA Senior Open Foil Marh 15 2015ZFA Senior Open Foil Marh 15 2015 happy birthday

03/06 – 08/2015 Greater Columbus Convention Center, OH
We had great experience on our first Arnold Fencing Classic tournament .Our competitors Dušan ZELJKOVIC and Myles BEAR participated in couple events and our coach Mickey Zeljkovic was helping organizer with refereeing.
Both of our competitors returned home with medals,
ZFA medals on Arnold classicarnold fencing classic 2015 -Y10 foil finalist
Dušan with gold medal in Y10 men’s foil and silver from Y10 épée event and
Myles with bronze medals in Cadet mixed foil and Y14 men’s foil event.
Our coach Mickey Zeljkovic got coaching medal for Dusan’s 1st place in Y10 foil .
They had great time meeting Arnold and enjoying the company of Star Wars characters.
Great fencing experience and great bouts are something that they are looking forward at the Arnold Classic next year .
ZFA Arnold classic foil Y14ZFA Arnold classic Y10 foil Champion Dusan Zeljkovic
03/08/2015- Liberty Fencing Club – Warrington, PALiberty fencing mix open foil -ZFA
Senior Mixed Foil:43 Competitors, a C2 Event
Great fencing and representing ZFA family.
 1.place Noah Condiff 
2.place Ian Neilson
18.place Manu Balusu
23.place Calvin Wang
30.place Benjamin Filbert
31.place Skylar Harfeld
35.place Juliana Gabrielle Kho
2/27/2015 – 3/2/2015 North American Cup Reno ,NV.
ZFA Wheelchair fencer Tariq AL Qallaf win two gold medal (foil and saber) and bronze in epee.


In Div III Women’s Foil –:)——–Skylar HARFELD finish 8.place and renew D 🙂 Congrats!



02/28/2015 Chesapeake Fencing Club – Baltimore, Senior Mixed Foil 

Great fencing and representing ZFA at Chesapeake Fencing Club
1st place Myles  Bear  earn his D 2015 Congrats 🙂 
15th place Calvin Wang
Myles Bear 1st place in Baltimor
02/22/2015 – Brooklyn Fencing Foil Div2 Senior Women’s Foil 
7th Juliana Gabrielle Kho ZFA
02/22/2015 Nyack Fencing Academy: Fundraiser Open Senior Men’s Foil B1-
 Great fencing  on Sunday and representing ZFA at NYACK  
1st place –Ian NeilsonB2015 Congrats 🙂
 11.place Manu Balusu
Ian Neilson at NYACK 1st place 2015
ZFA fencers proudly represented our Academy at Junior Olympics in Richmond,VA held from 02.13. to 02.16.2015.This was the first JO that ZFA members participated. They put up some good fight and great experience that will help them to reach their goals. We are very proud of each of them!
Junior Women foil – 77.place Skyler Harfeld from 176 fencers
Cadet Women Foil – 106.place Skyler Harfeld from 186 fencers
Cadet Men Foil – 78.place Noah Condiff, 85.place Manu Balusu ,
173 Alejandro Toro, 174. Nishant Menon , 187. Myles Bear , 205. Calvin Wang from 232 fencer.
Junior Men Foil – 97. place Noah Condiff , 184. place Adam Mack,
207.place Calvin Wang, 209 Benjamin Filbert .
Capitol Clash SYC and Cadet 2015 –:)——- 1,587 entries from 1,031 athletes.
Feb.8 -Another successful day for ZFA fencers: Alejandro Toro finished 6th in Y12 men’s foil event and
Dusan Zeljkovic finished 6th in Y10 men’s épée event at Capitol Clash.
Nelson Thayer won bronze medal in Y10 mixed foil at BCAF youth cup.
Myles Bear won bronze medal(renewed E) and Ben Filbert finished 5th in Div3 mixed foil at Circle d’escrime.
Congratulations to all ZFA fencers!!!
Feb. 7 –We had another great day at Capitol clash!
Owen McKenna won gold medal and Manu Balusu finished 7th in Y14 men’s foil event.
In the same event Alejandro Toro finished 33rd, Myles Bear 44th, Calvin Wang 60th and Nishant Menon 80th.
In the Y10 men’s foil Dusan Zeljkovic finished 29th.
Tomorrow is the last day of Capitol Clash and we are going to have competitors in Y10 men’s épée and Y12 men’s foil events.
Some of ZFA members are competing at other events.
We wish all of our members good luck and great bouts! 
Feb .6  – Awesome day for ZFA fencers at Capitol clash today feb 6 !
Owen McKenna won gold medal and Noah Condiff won silver medal at cadet men’s foil event.
Myles Bear put up some great fight and finished 38th in the same event.
Skylar Harfeld gave some beautiful touches and finished 40th at Cadet women’s foil event. All of them made us proud!
ZFA open foil 1feb 2015 – Thank you for participated and help on our first tournament. It was great fencing day !
Results are posted on https://askfred.net/Results/results.php?tournament_id=28817
https://www.facebook.com/mickeyzeka/media_set?set=a.10155134584300316&type=1feeling excited at Zeljkovic Fencing Academy.
ZFA Open Foil 1. Feb 2015feeling excited at Zeljkovic Fencing Academy.

ZFA open foil fencing ZFA open Foil Fencing 2




01/25/2015 DVFC Unclassified/Div 2 Foil Div2 Senior Mixed Foil D1

1st Condiff, Noah- ZFA
3rd Balusu, Manu – ZFA
7th Bear, Myles – ZFA

10th Wang, Calvin FAP/ZFA

11th Filbert, Benjamin – ZFA

12th Kho, Juliana Gabrielle – ZFA


01/23/2015 Windy City Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Y14 Women’s Foil C2

5th of 52 Harfeld, Skylar- ZFA-Congrats 🙂 

01/17/2015 Cobra Div 1A/Div II Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Div1A Senior Men’s Foil A3

30th of 89 Condiff, Noah – ZFA

01/17/2015 Cobra Div 1A/Div II Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Div2 Senior Women’s Foil C2

5th of 43 Harfeld, Skylar – ZFA -Congrats 🙂 

01/18/2015 Liberty FC Open Foil & Epee & PHILLY CUP Mixed Foil B2

8th of 28 Menon, Nishant- ZFA earned D2015  Congrats 🙂

01/17/2015 Cobra Div 1A/Div II Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Div2 Senior Men’s Foil B3 36th of 97
Condiff, Noah – ZFA
01/17/2015 Cobra Div 1A/Div II Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Div2 Senior Men’s Foil B3 70th of 97
Balusu, Manu – ZFA
01/17/2015 Cobra Div 1A/Div II Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Div2 Senior Men’s Foil B3 77th of 97
Filbert, Benjamin – ZFA

01/18/2015 BCAF-W Y-10/12/14 Mixed Foil-YOUTH CUP-DBL PTS!-#5 Y10 Mixed Foil NR

1st Thayer, Nelson – ZFA-  Nelson came in first place at the Bucks County Academy of Fencing tournament today! He has a big trophy and is incredibly excited. He said it feels magical! 🙂

01/11/2015 BCAF-WEST Mixed Foil Open Senior Mixed Foil D1 -8th Filbert, Benjamin- ZFA

01/11/2015 DVFC Y10/Y12/Y14 Foil Y10 Mixed Foil NR 6th Thayer, Nelson – ZFA

01/11/2015 DVFC Y10/Y12/Y14 Foil Y14 Mixed Foil C2- 7th  Harfeld, Skylar- ZFA

01/11/2015 DVFC Y10/Y12/Y14 Foil Y14 Mixed Foil C2 – 18th of 27 Bear, Myles ZFA

12/21/2014 FAP-North Open Foil Senior Mixed Foil E1 – 3rd  Filbert, Benjamin –  ZFA

12/20/2014 BFC Columbia Santa C and Under Div2 Senior Mixed Foil D1

3rd of 21 Condiff, Noah – ZFA
7th of 21 Bear, Myles -ZFA



12/14/2014 Brooklyn Fencing December Cadet & Junior Foil Junior Mixed Foil E1-8th Filbert, BenjaminZFA

11/30/2014 Liberty FC Open Foil & Epee & PHILLY CUP Mixed Foil C1 10th  Filbert, BenjaminZFA

11/16/2014 -Atlantic Fencing Acad.- Open Men’s Foil + U Foil Senior Men’s Foil E1 3rd Filbert, Benjamin-ZFA

11/09/2014 – MFC Div 3 Foil Div3 Men’s Foil E1 3rd Filbert, Benjamin-ZFA
10/31/2014 – Lilov Fencing Academy RJCC Junior Men’s Foil B2 56th Filbert, Benjamin- ZFA
10/31/2014 – Lilov Fencing Academy RJCC Cadet Men’s Foil B2 15th Condiff, Noah-ZFA
10/26/2014 – Nyack Fencing Tanya Adomovich Cup: Open 3 weapon Senior Men’s Foil B2 18th Filbert, Benjamin-ZFA
10/24/2014 – Freehold Fencing Div 3 Foil Div3 Senior Mixed Foil D1 9th Filbert, Benjamin-ZFA
10/19/2014 – DVFC Unclassified/Div 2 Foil Div2 Senior Mixed Foil D1 3rd Menon, Nishant- ZFA-E2014
10/17/2014 – Steve Sobel / NJFA SYC & CADET International Y14 Men’s Foil B2C3 17th Condiff, Noah-ZFA

10/17/2014 – Steve Sobel / NJFA SYC & CADET International Cadet Men’s Foil C3 30th Condiff, Noah-ZFA

10/05/2014 – Liberty FC Open, Women’s, & Team Foil & PHILLY CUP Mixed Foil B2 20th Filbert, Benjamin-ZFA

09/28/2014 – FAP Open Foil Senior Mixed Foil E1 3rd Filbert, Benjamin-ZFA

09/28/2014 – Cobra Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) (Region 3) Y14 Men’s Foil C2  6th Condiff, Noah-ZFA

09/21/2014 – DVFC Y10/Y12/Y14 Foil Y14 Mixed Foil NR 1st Condiff, Noah-ZFA