ZFA Fees:

Beginner class $100 per month (2 group classes a week, 8 classes a month)

Renting the equipment $50 per month

ZFA Club membership$600 per year OR $60 per month

  • Intermediate class – 3 group classes and 1 private lesson a week – $260 per month (total of 12 group classes and 4 private lessons a month)
  • Advanced class – 4 group classes and 2 private lessons a week – $360 per month (total of 16 group classes and 8 private lessons a month)
  • Elite class unlimited group classes and 3 private lessons a week – $460 per month (total of 20 group classes and 12 private lessons a month)

Per class fee for ZFA members:

Group class $40 per class     Private lesson$35 per 20 min lesson

Visitor fee:

Group class $45 per class     Private lesson$40 per 20 min lesson

USFA non-competitive membership is required for our beginner classes. Beginner class DOESN’T NEED ZFA CLUB MEMBERSHIP. All participants in the beginner class can choose between renting the equipment from us (equipment stays with us) or purchasing their own.

ZFA club membership and USFA competitive membership is required for our Intermediate/Advanced/Elite and Veteran classes. All participants  in the Intermediate/Advanced/Elite and Veteran classes will need their own fencing equipment.

Yearly membership is due on the September 1st.

All monthly fees are due on the first of each month.

All programs are on the monthly basis (four weeks).

Our first beginners or new member class is FREE.

As you noticed, we increased the numbers of the group classes per week that you can attend. Members are welcome to use both of our locations.

You don’t have to pay our package (Intermediate/Advanced/Elite/Veteran) fees.You have an option of paying ZFA membership and per class fee.

If you have any questions you can call at 215-479-1286 (after 4pm) or e-mail us: zfencingacademy@gmail.com


ZFA Team

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