Zeljkovic Fencing Academy would like to present to you an opportunity to introduce the sport of fencing to children in our community.

As parents of two children we know the importance of a proper mind and body development of the child.

Fencing is a cerebral and physical sport, often referred to as “physical chess”. It is a traditional skill, represented as a sport in The Olympic Games (since first modern Olympic Games, 1896), World, Asian, State, Republic and local championships. The sport equally develops both physical and mental characteristics, which include speed, coordination, strength, precision, endurance, and inventiveness–all useful for the natural development of the children. Fencers are unique, excellent athletes. Fencing sport requires concentration, focus, as well as great discipline. Also, top colleges often recruit skilled high school fencers early. Fencers are excellent athletes, and colleges know that fencers will bring experiences that will enrich the college, just as an accomplished poet or violinist do.


 Zeljkovic Fencing Academy would like to encourage the spread of fencing as an Olympic sport amongst the youth. The fencing experience will provide the following: 

  • Increase Physical Fitness & Muscular Flexibility
  • Increase Concentration & Intelligence
  • Providing other Physical & Mental benefits
 Our coaches are:

Mickey (Miodrag) Zeljkovic was an assistant coach at University of Pennsylvania for four years.

Currently he is National USA Wheelchair coach and an active USA Fencing referee.He has more than 20 years of coaching experience and he coached students of all ages and all fencing levels. He was a multiple National Champion and a former National coach of Yugoslavia,Serbia and Kuwait.


Jelena Zeljkovic is a physical education teacher with more than fifteen years of coaching experience. She coached students of all ages and all fencing levels. Currently, she is an active USA Fencing referee. She was a Multiple National Champion.